Dutch Preston, the Toy King Wonder, has returned!  2020 starts his 25th year on the web, bringing you some of the best things in life.  

This new website and its resources combine all the excellent articles on vintage toys, automobiles, photographics, architecture, and design from the original websites such as Kevin Preston's Toy Extravaganza (no relation), with the thought provoking and dazzling humanistics from Dutch Preston.  It's all here.  

Note: If you have designed toys, or have worked in a toy factory, especially during the 60s and 70s, we would love to hear from you!  Write us!!! 

What We Have Noticed...A Special Note

Dutch Preston was an "early adopter" of the internet and web technologies.  Our first website which specialized in the medical advances of skin care and early laser equipment was a template for many professional sites to come.  Our organization leveraged eBay and was one of the earliest fully-engaged buyer/sellers.  We were also very early in the business use of video, especially in the context of the internet.

As more people joined the internet, and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) provided both access and allotted space for individual and business websites, a number of people created specialty websites featuring toys, and other novelties.  Not too long ago, there was a great number of fine sites, and some which focused on a particular toy line, such as Mattel's Vertibird, Mattel's Sonar Sub Hunt, and Deluxe Reading's Johnny Astro.  A few are still around, but shockingly, most have disappeared!  This is opposite of the earlier trends.

We believe this is in part due to two reasons.  The first, is many individuals who started such sites became busy with "life" over the years, and just did not bother to renew their domains and continue with their sites.  The other is the vast influence of social media, such as Facebook, which makes it fast and easy to start up a meeting place, share pictures, and have quick contact.  Also, the advent of Instagram for pictures, and youtube for videos.

While social networking has its place, Facebook, quite frankly, is a lousy venue for informational platforms.  It is ill suited for any kind of customization, for large quantities of specific information, and its user interface is high-school level.  A great place to meet like-minded people, but not effective in the support for the aforementioned requirements.

While alot of the Dutch Preston toy examinations have moved to video, the issue with a video platform, of course, is all the connective tissue, and the telling of the story beyond the blurbs below the video and the comments.  Unless the video itself provides comprehensive information, you are without context in many cases.

Our plan here is to continue to embrace both video and textual formats and bring them together in a fashion that is cohesive and brings greater dimensions of understanding to the subjects at hand.

                                                                                                                                                                              --the Editors




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