Other interesting notes:

Mine still works after all these years, and the sound is not bad!

Remco also made a version of this with a space theme. God Forbid.

Remco Voice Control Kennedy Airport

   Mom--can we exchange this for something better?---Dutch Preston

Below is an article I wrote on my old website.  The Remco Voice Control Kennedy Airport was one of those mid-60s and onward Remco toys that seemed to have been created a bit on the cheap.  This is not the stuff of the Whirlybird or Flying Fox.  Interesting from an engineering perspective, but play value was very weak.  If you were old enough to understand and appreciate what was spoken on the records, you were too old to play with the thing!  Interestingly, I had other playsets for things like Matchboxes and Hot Wheels, but this thing had almost zero appeal to me!