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When I was about 6, my mom and dad gave me this big huge blue and white gun type of thing. It was supposed to shoot out a beam of light, or something.

I remember it had a dial color wheel. I remembered that you looked into the eyepiece, that it was some sort of laser.

Well, putting the batteries into the thing, it did not do anything. My dad fiddled and fiddled with it. No go. So we went back to GEM (Denver's version of Gemco) and got another one out of a stack. We took it home, put batteries in it, no go. I remember this thing was so big that it took up my dresser top. But it would not work...Dad got one little flash of 'something' out of it. So we returned it, and my dad got me a big "Shootin' Shell" arcade set.

As time went on, I always wondered about that rifle, or whatever it was. I never saw one again. What was it supposed to do? Why didn't it do it?

As I started to collect toys about 30 years ago, I always looked for this. Since I got a Jimmy Jet, it seemed that it had the same kind of blue plastic, so I figured it must have been made by Deluxe Reading. I scoured the Toy Shop magazine, and online auctions, etc.

I saw that Remco made a little hand held 'space gun' with a color wheel, but it was too small. Could it be that Remco made a big one, limited and maybe an unsuccessful toy?

So, I looked at ray gun web sites. SCI FI toy sites and books, and about a dozen collectible gun books. I talk to toy gun collectors. No one had EVER heard of a large laser beam toy like this.

Finally, I came across one at an auction...mystery solved!

I could never find it because it was not made by Ideal, or Remco, or Deluxe Reading. Finally, I knew what it is the scoop.

It is a Plazer, made by Multiple Toymakers. Multiple Toymakers must have been one heck of a small toymaker, because everything they made seems to be very, very rare. The box on the outside reads off all the cryptic things I remember the toy was supposed to do: "Transistorized Electronic Sound" "Unlimited Range, sight any target, Plazer can hit it", etc. When I finally got one, I found that it didn't work, just like in 1966.

However, the difference was, now I have restored a ton of toys, and I was MAKING the damn thing work this time.

Mine was hardly used, it was mint. No scratches. I took it completely apart, thank God it is screwed together and not glued.

This thing is wonderfully engineered, better than I remember it. Here is how it works.

There are 2 handles underneathe, grips if you will. A mono-pod leg, red, drops down to make a tripod if you want to set the thing down. Each grip has its own trigger. The front grip has a cap cardtridge that snaps out. You load roll caps into this, and push it back up into the front grip. It's keyed so it only goes in one way. Batteries load in on a top compartment. You look through a sight that fits around your eye area, at the back of the gun. There is a flip down 'filter' for sunlight at the front of the gun...mine is missing this piece. You start to squeezed the rear trigger, which has a very long squeeze range if you will. As you squeeze, a noise starts, a high pitched squealing. At the bottom of the viewfinder, what appears to be a single line or ray starts to advance forth. It really works optically if you are 'sighting' some object in the distance, like a plane or house. This line will appear to move towards that object the more you pull that trigger. Then, you pull the other trigger...that sets off a cap. It also flashes another bulb, which simulates, in a wierd way, an explosion! Both the little laser line and the flash are reflected off this panel, in a prism kind of way, to kind of create a bizarre illusion.

What I found the problem with mine is, and probably what the problem was with ALL of them, is in the front trigger. THere is a little contact in there that at rest, lets the current from the batteries go to the transistor to make the noise, and the bulb that makes the 'laser'. By depressing the front trigger, you release the contact from that circuit and energize the one that makes the "explosion". The problem is, at rest this contact is sometimes not making contact. Thus, the first trigger does nothing, because the circuit it controlls has no current. This is fixed by bending the contact, or adjusting it. I wrapped mine in aluminum foil to give it extra contact. And it worked!

And here is a note to all the "TOY GUN EXPERTS" who said I was crazy---eat your heart out...I own the best Sci-Fi gun ever made, and I am NOT crazy!!!!! Pictures speak for themselves!!!!


And so there was Chloe. 

Multiple Toymakers Plazer

The Best Ray Gun Ever Invented....Dutch Preston

Stay tuned, a comprehensive video is on the way!

The Best Ray Gun Ever Invented....Dutch Preston