Eldon Slot Car Sets

This page focuses on different sets, contents, and packaging.  Please see the Documentation link below to get to associated documentation.

Eldon Dune Buggy from The Dune Buggy Race Set


 Videos of the Dune Buggy and Super Rally Sets:

This is the way-cool Eldon lap counter. This allows laps to be counted on Selectronic sets regardless of what lane you are in.  For with Selectronic or standard sets, a small pin was placed to the left or right side on the bottom of the car.  The counter had left and right levers on both sides, so your laps always counted no matter what lane. you were in. I have seen these in various color combinations, such as this white ring on one side, yellow ring on the other. They will often be white rings on both sides, with perhaps one side having a red center, and the other having a blue center. There is a very nice clicking sound as the cars pass over and register a lap. Small pins that can move to either side of the car associate the car with a counter.

These are the color coordinated Ferraris from my Sears set. Interestingly, the controllers are color matched--yellow with a red trigger, and red with a yellow trigger. Check out the colored heads on the drivers!

Also note that some of these early cars did not have holes for headlights but were just filled in.

How about buying a new slot car with a hand painted head? You could! Here is a close up of the guy in the Ferrari.

Here is my test layout. I like it because it is simple, doesn't have the special track pieces that act up a little, and it is easy to troublshoot cars on. This is made from the Grand Prix set, notice the special turnout track pieces in the center.

Here is the Sears version of the Selectronic Road Race Set shown to the right in the Eldon labeling. By looking at this box, you have no idea what it is like inside. Notice the Allstate logo on it, typically reserved for the automotive accessories and parts at Sears. Even a real Kaiser Henry J  automobile was sold as an "Allstate" at one point in time.

Although the box is old and slightly water damaged, I love the plain graphics. Markings on the side made this appear to indicate either an incomplete set or a damaged and returned set. When I got it, there was only the red Ferrari Testa Rossa in it. Interestingly, the guardrails on this set are the old style.

Repair and Restoration

Lots of folks have been getting these out of their parents or grandparents attics, or folks are wanting to share with their kids or grandkids.  All Eldon sets have aged and will have performance issues.  The good news is that most of them can be repaired.  I have restored many sets.  Every single one of them did not work.  As a kid, when mine stopped working and had contact and operational issues, I eventually gave up on the set as I did not have the skills to troubleshoot and repair.

For 25 years I have restored toys in my collection, and for a while, had a small business repairing toys.  When I started getting back into Eldon sets in the 1990s, it was out of nostalgia as well as a determination to see these cars run again.  Every set I have obtained I have restored to proper working order.  The processes I used are time tested and always work. 

The Eldon transformers, controllers, and track are very well made and are typically still functional.  There are three key issues with these sets and they are consistently, almost without fail, problematic on every old set:  Rotted or hard tires, brushes, and track contact.  I have a solution to address each of these items.


Do not attempt foolish things like sanding, soaking, spraying or licking old tires hoping to get them from spinning horribly around and not getting the car anywhere.  Open up that wallet and buy new ones.   You can find them on eBay, but my recommendation is to go to Ray and get them.  Here is his website.  Everyone likes Ray's work, here it is for cut and paste purposes: 


He has most if not all of the tires for Eldons---plus others, even the Dragsters!


Replace those old brushes, ensure good connection with the wires, and on the ends of the brushes turn the tips downwards for better contact.


Almost all track needs to be cleaned.

An additional video is being developed showing all these processes.

For now, click here to go to my Eldon repair and restoration page!

Each Grand Prix set came with two motorized chassis and 4 bodies. Here are my extra bodies, a white Ferrari and an orange Lotus. Those are Eldon decals on the bodies. Other special features of the Grand Prix set include the turnout tracks, banked curve supports, and international flag set.

Other Fun Things

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Here is the exact same Selectronic set with the Eldon packaging.  The Ferraris are also color matched as in the Sears set.


Click on the manual to the right to go to our documentation page and see the complete "Dan Gurney" manual and other interesting paperwork! 

Left: The box of my #9567 set.  It is the Canadian version, with instructions in both English and a seperate sheet in French for the Quebec region.

Interestingly, there is also a list of Canadian "Eldon Authorized Service Stations" as part of the Warranty Certificate.

Eldon Canada was located in Don Mills, Ontario.

Also note that there is a sticker indicating the inclusion of an automatic start unit.  Mine is just a shell that some idiot took apart and lost the interior components.


Dune Buggy Sets 

Eldon made two Dune Buggy sets, and they were available through the last part of Eldon's slot car business in the early 70s, along with the VW Bugs, before being absorbed by Cox.

The first set brought out featured two buggies, one purple, the other a lime green.  They included the traditional Eldon chassis, each had an antenna with flag, and wide "mag"-styled whees.

There are so far four known Dune Buggy Sets.

The first was the model #5007.  This included the standard Eldon black track for traditional layouts, as well as banked curve pieces. There was also a "JC Penney Exclusive" version of this. Both had color photo boxes.  Eldon also produced the same content in a box with drawn art and no photos, and without the banked track. This is indicated as set 49-95091.

A follow-up set, profiled here, contained some interesting developments.  First, for the one and only time, Eldon produced a sand-colored track system to approximate the look of dunes.  In fact, they even included two "dunes"; they were raised plastic sections that snapped over standard track pieces.  They did not have electrical contact strips in them, so you had to hit them at speed to get up and over them, potentially going airborne.  You could also run the set without these pieces if desired. This set was #9567.



Left: Early testing processes on my Dune Buggy set....

1/24th Sets

Later in the 1960s Eldon decide to make more sophisticated sets that were references as "Professional Home Raceways".  These were 12 volt systems, with a more sophisticated power pack, larger, sturdier track, professional style hand controllers, and all new, 12 volt cars.

The layouts could be huge due to the larger all around 1/24 sites.  There were a few sets, and here are some pictures of the International Road Race Set.

manual to the right to go to our documentation page and see the complete "Dan Gurney" manual and other interesting paperwork! 


Super Rally Competition Racing Set

This was an interesting set.  First, the form factor of the box was different; this came in a deep, rectangle box, unlike the larger shallower box, a departure for Eldon.

The cars were Volkwagens, one with a spoiler, and the other an inapproriately placed hood scoop.  Like the Dune Buggy Set above, he also used the Dynamite motors.  They also use the same replacement tires as the Dune Buggies.

This set includs two deeply angled "Boss Banked" curves, setup and opposite ends of the track.  Controllers are plunger style, similar but smaller to the controllers from the 1/24th scale sets. And all-in-one power track with built in lap counter is included, along with associated decal adornments.  The instructions indicate that this is the #5573 Sears Road Race set, and it is from 1971.


Left: Box art

Below: Layout